#Eurovisionagain voting results 2009 (TurquoiseTimes analysis and Evaluation)

Love to all of you precious Eurovision fans­čą░.As you all know, this year’s Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and numerous other Eurovision-related events have been held, including #EurovisionAgain.

Although the contest was cancelled , the European Broadcasting Union, the EBU in short, worked on various programmes to keep the excitement alive and to give a little smile to the faces in continental Europe, where people are having a hard time, one of which was #EurovisionAgain.

#Eurovision Eurovision fans every weekend we again demand the content of the program in line with the most requested band on Saturday night from 22.00 hours full coverage for the year of publication in the official Eurovision YouTube channel even after posting was to keep alive the spirit of the contest by online voting through Twitter.

The first year published in accordance with these requests was the 54th held in Moscow in 2009.It was the Eurovision Song Contest, and in the online voting, Alexander Rybak, the Norwegian representative with 9095 points, followed by Yohanna with 8559 points and Iceland came third with 7298 points and Hadise was the Turkish representative who successfully represented our country.

When we looked at the results of the online voting, the Turquoisetimes team immediately came up with the idea: “I wonder if we could put the results of this vote in a vote like Eurovision, which country would get how many points in both the new system and the old system if we revised it?”. In light of this idea, we decided to write a new column.Let’s start if you want.

Analysis and Evaluations

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