#Eurovisionagain Voting Results 2015, (TurquoiseTimes analysis and Evaluation)

We just started the article text #eurovisionagain Voting Results column from the second series of our series of articles hello to all of you friends.The EBU, who wants to ease the pain by recalling past Eurovisions, is 60 in 2015, although the cancellation of this year has upset us while burning with the fever of Eurovision.Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with an online vote by broadcasting the pain was a bit of a balm though bi.Without further ado, let’s move on to the online voting statistics for 2015.;

Our first statistic was to compare the results of online voting in 2015 with the following Scoreboard.
01)🇸🇪=257 P
02)🇧🇪=219 P
03)🇮🇹=197 P
04)🇷🇺=174 P
05)🇱🇻=155 P
06)🇪🇪=144 P
07)🇷🇸=144 P
08)🇮🇱=139 P
09)🇦🇺=136 P
10)🇳🇴=129 P
11)🇬🇪=079 P
12)🇪🇸=073 P
13)🇲🇪=059 P
14)🇸🇮=058 P
15)🇩🇪=047 P
16)🇱🇹=045 P
17)🇦🇱=038 P
18)🇦🇿=035 P
19)🇬🇧=033 P
20)🇦🇹=029 P
21)🇬🇷=028 P
22)🇷🇴=026 P
23)🇫🇷=026 P
24)🇨🇾=019 P
25)🇭🇺=012 P
26)🇵🇱=010 P
27)🇦🇲=009 P

If we apply the scoring system for the period since 2016 to the # EurovisionAgain vote, the points table is as follows:;
01)🇸🇪=515 P
02)🇧🇪=438 P
03)🇮🇹=393 P
04)🇷🇺=347 P
05)🇱🇻=311 P
06)🇪🇪=288 P
07)🇷🇸=288 P
08)🇮🇱=279 P
09)🇦🇺=272 P
10)🇳🇴=257 P
11)🇬🇪=159 P
12)🇪🇸=147 P
13)🇲🇪=117 P
14)🇸🇮=116 P
15)🇩🇪=084 P
16)🇱🇹=089 P
17)🇦🇱=076 P
18)🇦🇿=070 P
19)🇬🇧=065 P
20)🇦🇹=058 P
21)🇬🇷=056 P
22)🇷🇴=053 P
23)🇫🇷=052 P
24)🇨🇾=037 P
25)🇭🇺=025 P
26)🇵🇱=020 P
27)🇦🇲=018 P

We don’t want to squeeze you dear fans by talking at length about this ranking and points, so let’s end our article with a few sentences about the country that is the first.;

Sweden retained its seat, finishing first in the contest.
Mans Zelmerlöw won the title by 365 points, this time 108 points lower, finishing the contest with 257 points and maintaining its score by 70.41%.

When we apply the current voting system to 2015, Sweden received 632 points in the contest, this time 117 points lower, taking the contest again with 515 points 1.as completed.He thus maintained his score at 81.49%.

🔵Stay healthy to see you in Dublin in our next post corner.

Analysis and Evaluations

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