EurovisionAgain voting results 1997 (TurquoiseTimes analysis and Evaluation)

Hello to all of you friends we started a few days ago and today we are in Dublin.In 1997, it was held in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, for the 42nd time.Victory in the Eurovision Song Contest was the United Kingdom with the highest points received until 2004, while host Ireland was second and Turkey third.
In recent weeks, the contest has been re-run with the #EurovisionAgain event, with the United Kingdom reaching first place again, while Turkey is second and Italy is 3rd.had been…
The overall ranking in the voting was as follows:;

Now let’s come to the purpose of our Writing Series.
As a result of the calculations we have adapted these results to the points as in Eurovision and the results are as follows:

Leaderboard by scoring system prior to 2016;

01)🇬🇧=210 P
02)🇹🇷=162 P
03)🇮🇹=122 P
04)🇮🇸=116 P
05)🇨🇾=078 P
06)🇳🇱=069 P
07)🇸🇪=068 P
08)🇩🇰=056 P
09)🇷🇺=053 P
10)🇵🇱=052 P
11)🇪🇪=047 P
12)🇦🇹=047 P
13)🇮🇪=047 P
14)🇧🇦=043 P
15)🇬🇷=040 P
16)🇭🇷=036 P
17)🇫🇷=031 P
18)🇪🇸=029 P
19)🇲🇹=028 P
20)🇸🇮=024 P
21)🇭🇺=023 P
22)🇩🇪=020 P
23)🇳🇴=020 P
24)🇵🇹=017 P
25)🇨🇭=012 P

Analysis and Evaluations

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