EurovisionAgain Analysis 7 !!

Hello all the Eurovision fans☺️ How are you feeling?Today, we are sharing our 7th news article under the heading #EurovisionAgain Analysis.

In this news article, we will talk about the best song in Eurovision history.Yes, Abba and 1974.

When Anne Marie David won the contest in 1973, it was automatically owned by Luxembourg.But Luxembourg has announced it cannot host for two consecutive years.Thus, the UK hosted the contest.

1974 was a very eventful year for the competition.With the sudden death of the French President’s competition week, France withdrew from the competition.For this reason, the 1973 winner, Anne Marie David, failed to perform on the final day of the competition.The Italian State channel RAI decided not to broadcast the songs of their country on television.

Swedish representative ABBA came places in the competition with the song “Waterloo”. The winner of the 1964 Eurovision Gigliola came 2.nd with the song “Si”.

Let’s share #EurovisionAgain 1974 results;

There was another voting system in 1974.However, we will convert these points to a 12-point system and share the results.

Soo Lets start.Let’s first look at the scoreboard, which was created according to the old scoring system.

Old system results;
01)🇸🇪=185 Points
02)🇮🇹=107 Points
03)🇳🇱=101 Points
04)🇬🇧=079 Puan
05)🇪🇦=070 Points
06)🇫🇮=056 Points
07)🇬🇷=056 Points
08)🇮🇪=051 Points
09)🇱🇺=046 Points
10)🇵🇹=041 Points
11)Yugoslavia=039 Points
12)🇳🇴=037 Points
13)🇮🇱=033 Points
14)🇮🇩=024 Points
15)🇨🇭=023 Points
16)🇧🇪=019 Points
17)🇩🇪=019 Points

With the new system, #EurovisionAgain 1974 results;
01)🇸🇪=369 Points
02)🇮🇹=213 Points
03)🇳🇱=202 Points
04)🇬🇧=158 Puan
05)🇪🇦=140 Points
06)🇫🇮=113 Points
07)🇬🇷=112 Points
08)🇮🇪=102 Points
09)🇱🇺=092 Points
10)🇵🇹=082 Points
11)Yugoslavia=078 Points
12)🇳🇴=074 Points
13)🇮🇱=066 Points
14)🇮🇩=047 Points
15)🇨🇭=046 Points
16)🇧🇪=039 Points
17)🇩🇪=039 Points

Some of our comments about the results;
🔴The top 4 names in the competition entered the top four in online voting.
🔴 Waterloo was the song that approached the highest score that year.(16×12=192 Points,Waterloo scored 185 points.%96.35 success)
🔴The ABBA group received only 7 points out of 192, which is a great success!
🔵Goodbye to see you in Riga 2003 in our next analysis article.

Do you think ABBA has the best song in Eurovision history?

ABBA’s Eurovision Live Performances;

Analysis and Evaluations

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