NPO has appointed the NOS and AVROTROS 2021 core team to the Eurovision Song Contest.

During the live broadcast of Eurovision on May 16: Europe Shine A Light, EBU, NPO, NOS and AVROTROS announced that the 65th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Rotterdam next year. Today, the core team was commissioned to lead the Dutch organization of the event

As last year, the core team of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 consists of two Executive Producers and two Executive Producers.

Sietse Bakker has been appointed as Executive Producer. Inge van de Weerd chose to resign as Executive Producer and return to the busy event NOS Events next year. Van de Weerd: “I am very proud of what we have accomplished as a team, although the past Eurovision year is very different from what we can imagine. It is not easy to go to the extra Eurovision year, it was a very conscious choice. I trust this team and my successor. “

Astrid Dutrénit, who has been with NOS since 2003, will fill the vacant position. She graduated from Dutrenit School of Journalism in Bordeaux and Institut Francais de Presse in Paris. He watched Master Film and Television at UVA in Amsterdam, Holland.

As a Senior Producer, he has been working as a producer responsible for important events in recent years, including ten years in the programs around the Tour de France, the European Athletics Championships (2016) and Sports Gala (2011-2018) in France. In addition, in his work at NOS, he often collaborated with EBU, the European public broadcasting partnership that oversaw the organization of the Eurovision Song Contest. Last year, he held another position in the Dutch project organization of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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