RAI Announces About Sanremo

RAI have confirmed the rumors about the date! The broadcaster has released the schedule of upcoming programs for the 2021 television season, confirming that the 2021 Sanremo Music Festival will be pushed back a bit compared to recent years, taking place between late February and early March.

While Sanremo has been usually held in the first or second week of February in the last decade, for the majority of its history the norm was holding it much later than that within February. Throughout most of the 2000s decade, under Pippo Baudo’s direction, most Sanremo editions were held partially or fully in March—the latest the show was held, 2002, took place on March 5th through 9th.

On a similar note, Italian news outlet Optimagazine reports that RAI are looking into a way to be able to hold an audience regardless of next year’s COVID-19 situation. A lot of people play a role in the competition’s atmosphere, from the audience, the orchestra, the journalists, the local businesses and the thousands of tourists that the city, a coastal resort, receives during the Sanremo week.


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