EurovisionAgain Analysis 2014 !!

Hello, all dear Eurovision fans, after a long break.

We are very happy to meet you today in our new #EurovisionAgain post.

Denmark won the competition in Malmö in 2013.So, Denmark host the contest in 2014.

The competition held between 6-10 May 2014 was the year with the lowest participation in recent years.

With Conchita Wurst represented by Austria came in first, The Netherlands represented by The Common Linnets was second and Sanna Nielsen represented by Sweden was third.

Over the past months, the 59th Eurovision Song Contest was re-aired and an online vote was held.The results of the voting were as follows;

Without wasting time, let’s convert these results into points suitable for Eurovision format and look at the results.

#EscAgain 2014 scoreboard with the old system;

01)🇦🇹=276 Points
02)🇸🇪=188 Points
03)🇳🇱=186 Points
04)🇪🇸=130 Points
05)🇬🇧=109 Points
06)🇳🇴=098 Points
07)🇺🇦=097 Points
08)🇫🇮=096 Points
09)🇮🇸=087 Points
10)🇨🇭=083 Points
11)🇷🇴=071 Points
12)🇭🇺=069 Points
13)🇵🇱=068 Points
14)🇫🇷=067 Points
15)🇦🇲=065 Points
16)🇬🇷=064 Points
17)🇩🇰=057 Points
18)🇮🇹=056 Points
19)🇲🇹=042 Points
20)🇸🇮=040 Points
21)🇲🇪=038 Points
22)🇸🇲=038 Points
23)🇷🇺=035 Points
24)🇦🇿=034 Points
25)🇩🇪=028 Points
26)🇧🇾=024 Points

#EscAgain 2014 Scoreboard with the new system;
01)🇦🇹=553 Points
02)🇸🇪=376 Points
03)🇳🇱=372 Points
04)🇪🇸=260 Points
05)🇬🇧=219 Points
06)🇳🇴=195 Points
07)🇺🇦=193 Points
08)🇫🇮=192 Points
09)🇮🇸=173 Points
10)🇨🇭=166 Points
11)🇷🇴=142 Points
12)🇭🇺=137 Points
13)🇵🇱=135 Points
14)🇫🇷=134 Points
15)🇦🇲=130 Points
16)🇬🇷=128 Points
17)🇩🇰=114 Points
18)🇮🇹=113 Points
19)🇲🇹=084 Points
20)🇸🇮=081 Points
21)🇲🇪=077 Points
22)🇸🇲=076 Points
23)🇷🇺=070 Points
24)🇦🇿=069 Points
25)🇩🇪=055 Points
26)🇧🇾=048 Points

Some of our comments about the results;
🔵Austria wins again.
🔵Sweden and the Netherlands changed places among themselves.
🔵The UK has found a place in the top 5 with a big rise.
🔵Conchita kept the 290 points he received in the competition at a high rate.

Conchita Wurst’s live performances;

🔴In our next series of articles, to analyze the contest held in Jerusalem in 1999, goodbye.

Analysis and Evaluations

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