Lesley Roy Eurovision 2021

He will be close to being officially approved as Ireland’s 2021 Eurovision representative, following songwriting sessions earlier this month to present Lesley Roy’s potential participation

Roy: “We still have our pace. We try to keep it as positive as possible because we need it now more than ever! I wish I had a crystal ball and could tell exactly what the sound would be, but it’s definitely a big gang, it’s either a fun pop song or a big. I keep it as a ballad. People have really resonated with Story of My Life and the world has gotten darker in the past six months, so I try to keep the mood positive. ‘

Regarding his songwriting sessions with past Eurovision alumni like Lasse Piirainen or JOWST, “We’ve brought some great ideas to life, we are on the right page. I created an ultimate list of producers that someone would want to help write this at a song writing camp.”

Following the cancellation of the 2020 event, the singer was in constant communication with the Head of Delegation, Michael Kealy. “Last week we had a long conversation as soon as we arrived in Sweden. When I finish the song, we will sit down and listen with the whole team and only when we all agree we will give the press the green light and explain it.”

Eurovision News

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