Sanremo Festival Opened To The Public

The event will take place regularly, despite provocations by Amadeus and Fiorello, which have been exhibited several times in the past weeks.

The presenters had the opportunity to comment on how the lack of audience in the studios might have spoiled the Festival; this was seriously denied by CEO Salini and director of Rai Uno Stefano Coletta. And the latter intervened once again with what seems like a definitive announcement at this point.

Stefano Coletta said at a press conference:

Sanremo 2021 will be open to the public. Closed doors hypothesis neglected. Sanremo 2021 will and will be realized. The two servers, who are always at the forefront of the program’s all or nothing organization, can therefore breathe a sigh of relief.

Interviewing journalists in the room at the official presentation of the Tale and Quel Show, Stefano Coletta therefore explained how the new edition will be officially broadcast with the audience in the studio as close as possible to the Festiva’s historical models.

Than expected at the conference, Sanremo 2021 will therefore meet the public and journalists with standard numbers. Each of those in the theater will be given a mandatory bar at the beginning of the event, followed by continuous monitoring of temperatures to define the minimum signal. Many doubts about the direction of the crowd around Ariston and its meeting points, especially the press, are still identified, which must be resolved. Unless there is any surprise, the festival will protect from March 2-6; There is still time to work on it.


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