BTRC confirms VAL will not go to Eurovision 2021

Vladislav Freimann and Valeria Gribusova – public broadcaster of Belarus openly criticized BTRC.

If we didn’t come to a concert, then we knew it was 99% likely that [the publisher] would pick a new artist next year.

BTRC responded with a statement.

For the intimidating Voyvoda, we explain: The contract signed between Belteleradiocompany and the Belarusian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest does not contain any conditions for participation or non-participation in concerts, whether public or private. In standard contracts, it is all about competition preparation and participation and participation in television projects.

VAL, BRTC’s response to the claim that they were not treated fairly because they were “unsuitable” artists was as follows.

Remember that the degree of your ‘inconvenience’ surprised even Europe. According to bookmakers, if you had gone to Eurovision, you would have taken the last to last place in the two semi-finals.

We respectfully acknowledged the election results and put all our efforts to achieve the best result in the final. Still, although we agree with you somewhere – the system is a bit “stuck”.

Probably, a duo chosen by neither the audience nor the jury should not represent the country at the international competition.

Eurovision News

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