Kazakhstan chooses Junior Eurovision 2020

A total of 700 candidates applied to compete in the Kazakhstan national election for this year’s Junior Eurovision. Then, the jury committee selected 30 players competing in the second stage of the competition held online. Through online voting and a professional panel of judges, the public decided on 12 participants to perform in today’s final

Saniya Altynbekkyzy
Karakat Bashanоva
Adiya Burhanоva
Kamila Gazizkyzy
Jean Makim
Akzhibek Manarbekkyzy
Aiym Mukitanova
İslam Saipolda
Mahinur Tursunоva
Aydana Zhumazhan
Nurshat Kusanоva
Tleubek Ajkerim

The 12 finalists will perform original songs written exclusively by national composers selected by the broadcaster. Candidates participated in the preparations for the live show, recorded their songs and rehearsed the stage performances in the past weeks.

The winner will be chosen by the public via SMS or phone. In the event of a tie, the professional jury panel will select the winning entry among tied actions.

The jury panel of the Kazakhstan national election consists of the following members:

Bagym Mukhitdenova – Music producer.
Khamit Shangaliev – Music producer, composer, sound producer and arranger.
Yerlan Bekchurin – Sound producer.
Zanar Dugalova – “Turkvision” Winner (2014).
ӘMRE – “Slavianski Bazaar” (2018) winner.
Dinaya – The second in “New Wave” (2015).
ZaQ – Soloist of the band Ninety One.
Indira Edilbaeva – Super Finalists of “Voice of Ukraine” (2020)


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