Most Watched Eurovision Songs (September 2019)

Hello Eurovision fans! As of yesterday, we said goodbye to September and entered October.

As you know, the 10 most watched songs of that month are broadcast on the official YouTube channel of Eurovision on the last day of each month.

Yesterday, the most watched songs were released in September 2020.You can listen to the most watched songs of the past month by clicking the YouTube link below.

When we look at the songs by years;
1 song from 2007,
3 songs from 2009 ,
2 songs from 2010,
2 songs from 2018,
1 song from 2019,
1 song from 2020 is on the list.

Considering on the basis of countries;
🥇🇹🇷Turkey with 2 songs (2009,2010)
🇷🇺Russia 1 (2020)
🇮🇱Israel 1 (2018)
🇳🇱Netherlands 1 (2019
🇦🇿Azerbaijan 1 (2009)
🇳🇴Norway 1 (2009)
🇺🇦Ukraine 1 (2007)
🇩🇪Germany 1 (2010)
And 1 song from 🇨🇾Cyprus (2018)
found itself on the list.

When we compare the 10 most watched songs in August with the 10 most watched songs in September;
👉🏻2010 Germany entered the list instead of 2020 Iceland,
👉🏻The top 4 songs have kept their places, 👉🏻We see that the Aysel & Arash duo entered the top five, so Alexander Rybak fell to the 6th place.
👉🏻We see that MaNga, Verka and Eleni are keeping their positions as they did last month.

See you on the October 2020 post at the end of this month.🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🍂🍁🌦️

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