EurovisionAgain Analysis 1999 !!

Hello friends! How are you? Today we are with you with a new #EscAgain post🤩.

Today, we will evaluate the competition held in 1999. In 1998, Israel won the competition with Dana İnternational and became the host the following year.

Israel organized the contest in Jerusalem. 23 countries participated in the contest. Sweden came first with the song “Take me to your heaven”🇸🇪🏆, iconic singer Selma😍 was second🥈 and Germany, who participated in the competition with a song written in 4 languages, came in third🥉.

The 44th Eurovision Song Contest was re-aired on YouTube in recent months. Afterwards, a vote was held.

The results were as follows;

If we convert these points to the scoring system in Eurovision, we would see points as follows.🤔🤔

👉🏻According to the old system the 1999 #EscAgain Scoreboard;

01)🇸🇪=168 Points
02)🇮🇸=162 Points
03)🇭🇷=153 Points
04)🇩🇪=098 Points
05)🇳🇱=084 Points
06)🇬🇧=082 Points
07)🇧🇪=053 Points
08)🇪🇪=052 Points
09)🇧🇦=050 Points
10)🇹🇷=047 Points
11)🇨🇾=046 Points
12)🇮🇱=046 Points
13)🇦🇹=046 Points
14)🇱🇹=033 Points
15)🇫🇷=033 Points
16)🇸🇮=032 Points
17)🇩🇰=031 Points
18)🇪🇸=027 Points
19)🇲🇹=025 Points
20)🇳🇴=022 Points
21)🇵🇹=020 Points
22)🇮🇪=012 Points
23)🇵🇱=012 Points

👉🏻According to the current system the 1999 #EscAgain Scoreboard;

01)🇸🇪=336 Points
02)🇮🇸=325 Points
03)🇭🇷=306 Points
04)🇩🇪=196 Points
05)🇳🇱=167 Points
06)🇬🇧=164 Points
07)🇧🇪=106 Points
08)🇪🇪=103 Points
09)🇧🇦=101 Points
10)🇹🇷=094 Points
11)🇨🇾=093 Points
12)🇮🇱=092 Points
13)🇦🇹=091 Points
14)🇱🇹=066 Points
15)🇫🇷=065 Points
16)🇸🇮=063 Points
17)🇩🇰=063 Points
18)🇪🇸=054 Points
19)🇲🇹=050 Points
20)🇳🇴=045 Points
21)🇵🇹=039 Points
22)🇮🇪=025 Points
23)🇵🇱=024 Points

Charlotte Perrelli’s live performances;🥳💯💪🏻🍾🎉🥇🏆

Let’s talk about the results a little珞珞;
⭕Sweden and Iceland are still popular but Iceland is closer in points to Swedish.
⭕Croatia moved up one place to 3rd place. Germany fell one place to 4th place.
⭕Ranking 5th in the main competition, Israel fell 7 places and became 12th

🔴Goodbye to review 2005 in our next article.

Analysis and Evaluations

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