Female Singer Candidate for Escprime Greece (Amaryllis)

Hello to everyone

In this article, we will be presenting the singer, the artist whose voice and songs should be known more for us, who is little known but has chosen meticulously from our editors.

Our editorial team has identified many candidates, both male and female, for many countries. We present one of these candidates to you.

Apart from our neighboring country, Greece, there is no doubt that a wide audience follows the Eurovision song contest every year. As a team, we are also interested in Greece. That’s why we said that if the delegations of other countries, including the Greek Delegation, want candidates from the teams, who we would choose.

We started to roll up our sleeves and we determined a female and a male candidate by making a team vote for a few Greek female candidates. The name we will present to you in this article will be the Greek female candidate.

Amaryllis was our candidate for the Greek Delegation.

Who is Amaryllis?

Marilou Oiconomou, known professionally as Amaryllis (born 24 November 1981), is a Greek singer. It was part of the EXIS group. Amaryllis competed as a singer in the first season of ‘Just The 2 Of Us’.

Amaryllis was born in Athens. After graduating from Medical High School, he followed his medical career at the university. His hobbies are music, reading, gymnastics and extreme sports.

Amaryllis is a singer we want to see at Eurovision for Greece. On behalf of EscPrime, we hope that amaryllis will one day become the representative of Greece.

We say goodbye to you with the latest video clip of Amaryllis in this article for now. Goodbye. . .


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