EscPrime Russian Male Singer Candidate (JONY)

We continue this project, which we started with Greece recently, with Russia as the next address.

Russia is indeed a country with an abundance of singers. The variety of songs is abundant in proportion to this. However, there is a point that we are sorry that Russian singers cannot sell albums in Russia. They buy the songs in the country through a download, unfortunately there is no CD like we do. Despite this, many names are rolling out to become singers in Russia because the music infrastructure is solid.

It was very difficult for us to present candidates from Russia. In fact, the candidate we took off was suitable for 2 countries, so we thought a lot and finally we thought Russia would be more correct.

If their delegation asked us to suggest a singer, whom we would choose from Russia. In this article, we examine the men’s selection.

Suggest as male voice to our Russian Delegation.

Who is this JONY

Jony, whose real name is the son of Afrayil from Cahid Huseyn, was born in 1996 in Baku. His family soon moved with him and his brother to a permanent residence in Moscow. Jony was born thanks to his nickname Jahid’s mother – his mother who likes to watch the animated movie “Johnny Bravo” jokingly named him Johnny. Cahid became interested in music after graduating from high school in the capital. However, at first his father opposed his son’s music career, and although his mother was with Jahid, the young man began to study International Management at the State University of Management. The young man’s inherited “melody” and good sound quality were not immediately appreciated. Jony posted the compositions on Instagram, but after the release of the composition “Star”, it attracted a large audience on the internet.

Soon, the singer was not only distinguished by subscribers in social networks. Jony invited Raava Music Company to an interview and listening project to promote young artists. The negotiations were successful, after which Jony started touring Russian cities. It also increased the number of listeners by distributing the music community songs regularly. There was a sharp surge in popularity when the singer released “Alley” about her youthful thoughts and feelings. The young audience admired the singer’s style of performance, eagerly awaiting the presentation of the debut album


“An empty glass “
“We don’t know you”
“You got me”
“Help me”
“I love your voice”
“They went to me”
“You are cruel”
“Heavenly Roses”
“You Paris”
“The world went crazy”
“And the rain behind the window”
“You are really mine”

I hope one day we can see him on the Eurovision stage for Russia.

We say goodbye to you with his most listened singer


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