Rotterdam journey of France!!

Last June, Alexandra Redde Amiel, head of the French Delegation, announced that her country would hold a national final in 2021.

According to some sources in France, some information about the competition has been revealed.

France wants to better come to the next 2021 Eurovision.They will make a national final next year.

According to this;

✴️ The name of the national final will be “Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez”.

✴️The national final will be  in January.
✴️12 candidates will compete for the Rotterdam ticket.
✴️ Stéphane Bern will present the competition.
✴️ The contest will be broadcast live.
✴️ Due to the pandemic, the competition will be  in a city in France.

✴️✴️France was represented by Handsome singer Tom Leeb last year, but Tom Leeb has stated that he will not be able to represent France next year due to his busy schedule.

✴️✴️France had the last national final 2 years ago, in 2019, and Bilal Hassani went to Eurovision with the song “Roi”.

Eurovision News

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