Latest Developments at Eurovision (24.11.2020)

Hello Eurovision fans. The Eurovision community had a busy day today.

If you want, let’s share these latest developments with you.

1) The artist of Cyprus is coming!🇨🇾🇨🇾
According to the sources we have received, Cyprus broadcaster CyBC will announce its 2021 representative tomorrow morning.
The information we have obtained is as follows;

🔶The representative will be announced tomorrow morning.
🔶The singer has a deal with Panik Records music company.
🔶 Singer, young and has many songs.
🔶 The song was composed by a very famous composer.

🔶Sandro represented Cyprus with the song “Running” last year.

🔴Tomorrow morning we will learn about the newly elected first representative of 2021.

2) Another success from Iceland! 🇮🇸🇮🇸
Dadi & Gagnamagnid, represented Iceland in 2020, is not getting enough of success. Today, the famous American magazine Time has determined the top 10 songs of 2020 in a report published in the list.There was a song that Eurovision fans knew well. . This song is in the 6th place.
The magazine voiced the following words for this song;

[At once funky and futuristic, “Think About Things” is the ultimate earworm: a warm, loving slice of electropop, with a slinky synth line, catchy chorus and groovy bass. Released by the Icelandic singer Daði Freyr Pétursson and his group—which consists of his sister, wife and friends—it was initially destined for the stages of the annual Eurovision Song Contest, one of Europe’s kitschiest and most popular TV traditions. But after the annual competition was canceled for the first time in its 65-year history, the song—the supposed frontrunner—took on a life of its own as a viral hit, thanks to a quirky quarantine dance challenge set to the song that spread rapidly across social media. Written for the artist’s infant daughter, its universal message of unconditional love and tender curiosity hits the right notes well beyond the glitzy Eurovision stage.—RB]

3) The first song of the year is coming!🇦🇱🇦🇱

We will learn about the first song of the 2021 season on December 18. Albanian broadcaster RTSH shared some details in its statement today.
🔶Festival i Kenges will be held between 16-18 December 2020.
🔶Festival i Kenges will be held without an audience and without an orchestra.
🔶The festival will be held outdoors in accordance with Covid-19 rules.

4) All Star year from Sweden! 🇸🇪🇸🇪
Aflonbladet, one of the most prestigious magazines in Sweden, announced some of the Melfest representatives in 2021. In this context, many well-known names among Eurovision fans are coming back this year. According to the Aflonbladet magazine, this year at melfest;

-Charlotte Perrelli (1999 Esc winner)
-Eric Saade (3rd in 2011)
-Jessica Anderson (2003 representative) -Paul Rey (2020 national final participant) -The Mamas (2020 representative)
-Dotter (2020 National final runner-up) -Anton Ewald (2013 national final participant)
-Danny Saucedo (Runner up in Melfest 2011 and 2012)
-Alvaro Estrella (2020 National final participant)
It will include.

See you with new news tomorrow, goodbye🤗🤗

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