Another Voting Of Eurovision 2015

Greetings eurovision prime family. Today, on JESC day, a few hours later we will meet this year’s winning song boy. As prime team, our 7 editors are ready for this evening. What will be the special notes of this evening from our editors who came together in Eskişehir just for this evening?

Of course, before that, our 7 editors held a vote last night on November 27th, consisting of a few catagories in some Eurovision years. And according to those katagolys, the top was 5. Our 7 editors, including 4 Turkish, ranked top 5 countries in 2015.

7 katagolys were evaluated, including gesture and mimic, sound, ambience, show, performance, costume, song, let’s see how is the 2015 top 5 for the prime 7 editor?

5 Number (Latvia)

The representative song, which displays a complete nobility attitude with a long red dress on the stage, is quite complete, and the fact that she gives herself to the emotion of her song is quite good. Of course, some of his flaws made him think that the vocalists were not on stage. Because the representative alone fills the scene quite. The fact that he even attracted the Cityman in the hall was among the factors that affected us quite a lot. Congratulations

4 Number (Spain)

It may not be the best song in Spain, but it’s certainly the best staged song. The costume show and the artist’s stance come to the fore among other French songs in total, which is even when we look at 2015 in general. We loved the stage setup of the artist and his stance on the stage. Congratulations

3 Number (Serbia)

A country that has managed to get a passing grade from our editor in most of the night. The song structure is quite different and the artist’s command of this variable song is very successful, and the costumes were quite beautiful. That the tone of the representative was very harmonious so that the dancers could have fun during the performance. Although we do not understand a dancer getting a phone at the end of the performance, Serbia takes the third place comfortably. Congratulations


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