Another Voting Of Eurovision 2015

2 Number (Italy)

Actually, there is not much to say. This song, which comes to mind when it comes to Eurovision 2015, even first for many fans, can be considered the first among us. Of course, this time the ranking is a different ranking, so even Sweden, the top of the night, takes the invisible part of the ice mountain in the 7th place in this ranking, while Italy is in the 2nd place in the ranking. For our 7 editors, the master of the song, the ambience, the costume and the sound were found very successful. Congratulations

1 Number Estonia

Estonia is the champion of many kstagolis of the night. While the song already attracts listeners to a beautiful song, the costumes of both representatives are quite successful in their individual performances. Especially when they come side by side on the stage and look at it, it tells us so much that we can say that this is the best part of the performance. If they ask if it is possible to come into contact with another person and not laugh, we will open this performance and watch it. The 2015 ranking of our 7 editors in Eskişehir ends with the Estonian victory in this way. Congratulations

2015 champion remains 7th in these rankings


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