Gjergj (Joe) Kaçinari: # Replied for EscPrime before Fest59

The young singer who competed in # fest59 did not break us recently and accepted to answer a few of our questions. The festival, which will have a great excitement in a few days, is of great importance both for us and for the singers who will compete.

Today we had a short interview with Joe, whose song we support as a team, and it was a very nice feeling for us to get to know him. We loved him very much, it is very nice that he is a very warm-blooded person, I hope he will always establish friendship with warm blooded people throughout his life.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the interview where we will find the answers to all of these, what does he think about eurovision, how it will take the stage

Let’s get to know you first. What makes you happy and what makes you unhappy?

Oh well, food, beers, good music, football, good people’s company, a lot of stuff can make me happy and not having any of that, makes me unhappy. hahaha.

How is your excitement about the festival?

There’s always something special in every new experience, like in this case, this festival is one of the most important things ever happened to Albanian’s pop music.

How will you present your song on the stage, can you give some information about the show?

I think I’ll perform on my own, the song is too personal so there won’t be a ‘band’ performance.

Does the song have a story?

Oh yes it does. It’s a song about being in a place none of us really wish to be, the original title (in English) is “Back To Me” so it talks about all those dark experiences a man can have and finally reaching that point where he/she’s set free.

The orchestra does not exist this year. What do you think about it because of the pandemic?

This was the worst news I could ever get about the festival because the only reason I chose to take part with this specific song was about the orchestra, the live performance, so I’m still mad about it. But yeah, we have to carry on the life-happening so, some other things may be more important.

What do you think of Eurovision. Have you ever imagined yourself there?

Actually I’ve been once in Eurovision (Kyiv, Ukraine 2017) where I sang with Lindita that year.
It’s something HUGE and every single artist should have such experience in a way or another, at least once.

What are your thoughts about your competitors?

I do not care about the competing itself, but I would say “Vallja e Jetes” by Kastro Zizo it’s my favorite one, because I worked on that one, hahaha. It also have that drive going on, very original and different. I would be happy if that song make it to the win.

Lastly, you have a lot of supporters. What would you like to tell them?

First of all, I really thank them, whoever, wherever everyone is, it’s really important to me making a music that’s not very “friendly” for anyone and still getting its supporters.
I really stay true on what I do, so I think this is the key to reach out to the people who are likely to understand the real music.

Thanks for the interview and hope to meet one day.

All the best.

Come now let’s listen to this beautiful person’s song once more


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