Stefan Marena: You have the power of the Universe in you, never give up on your dreams!

We can say that having a short talk with the popular singer before the festival was really good for us. As we know, # Fest59 is approaching for Albania. This is a great excitement. for us followers, but how do the singers who will be on stage feel, it is very nice to share their feeling

Stefan energized us with his energy. He is such a strong and energetic person that he can really do anything for his dreams. I can say that there is nothing he cannot deal with.

Come now, together, what messages did this energetic person convey to us and you?

First let’s get to know how exactly you define yourself?

Positive , Pasionate , Hard worker , Spiritual , Decided and Sincere

Can we say the song reflects you just like the song, then?

Yes we can say that the song describes one chapter of my life story who also everybody has pased throgh in one period of the life .

You prepared quite a bit for the scene. What exactly awaits us on the stage?

One part of my soul it will be performed by the dancers

It is impossible to expect any other song from such a song. Well we hope you want to win, but do you want Eurovision?

Is my childhood dream when i singed in the festivals i always wanted to rapresent Albania in Eurovision. I will never give up on this dream until i realize it ! This is also the mesage of my song never give up , stay yourself and be proud . Your were born to stand out not to fit in!

I’m sure it will be good to see you on that stage. I am sure that energy will be good for people in such a period. The orchestra won’t be this year, do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing for you?

Orchestra is another magic part of the festival , this year it will not be because of Covid Restriction . Is a big loss ! For me is the same but of cours i would like to sing with a big orchestra , the mos talented and proffesional instrumentists of Albania!

I want to collect it slowly because I don’t want to tire you too much anymore. So the last few questions I will cut short are just, who have you supported in Eurovision in recent years? Who do you support at the festival this year?

No problem is a pleasure 😊
In Recent years i liked : Rona Nishliu , Linda Halimi , Eugent Bushpepa , Olta Boka , Alban Skenderaj , Armend Rexhepagic , Flaka Krelani , Arilena Ara , Elvana Gjata. This year i support all of them because we are on this together to give hope to the people with the power of music !

Your heart is really clean and beautiful. I hope you come across clean roads as beautiful as your heart. There is nothing else I want to ask, I wonder, and finally, what do you want to say to those who love you.

Thank you very much ! I appreciate every word you wrote I want to say to all the people that love me

You have the power of the Universe inside you , never give up on your dreams ! Light your fire ! Love yourself and share light to the people who need the most , this is the only way we can illuminate the world !

Stefan Marena

How beautiful messages it gives, isn’t it. It tells people that they can do anything, we have the energy. We think he’s right. Energy and power are within us.

We convey our support for stefan as a team.


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