Excitement begins at the 61st Melody Grand Prix !!

Norwegian Broadcaster NRK will hold the national final this year as usual, this national final, as you all know, Melodi Grand Prix.

Here are some information about the Melodi Grand Prix to be held in 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣;

✴️The NRK will implement the format used by the MGP in its 6️⃣0️⃣th year.

✴️The first semi-final will be on Saturday, January 1️⃣6️⃣, 2021.

✴️There will be semi-finals every Saturday until the grand final to be held on Saturday, February 2️⃣0️⃣, 2021.

✴️The 6️⃣ prequalified artists will go directly to the finals, but each of their songs will be published in the semi-finals.

✴️Hosts will be Ingrid Guessing Linhave, Ronny Brede Aase and Square Magnus Bergh just like last year.


Gjessing Linhave one of the hosts said;
“The three of us are so excited to host the MGP again, we had the chance to listen to the songs and we believe the MGP will be better than ever.”

Linhave continued her words as follows;
“Looking back to 2020, we believe that the MGP will be even more important to the audience and the Norwegian music scene.After months of dealing with the ongoing pandemic, everyone longs for a sense of unity and joy.”

Don’t worry about being eliminated because there is a Joker Card !!🎉🎉

NRK announced a new project for the 2021 MGP. This new project is called “Joker Card”.It means that all artists who are eliminated in the semi-finals still have the opportunity to make it to the final.

✴️The Norwegian audience will vote online to determine the last finalist, and this finalist will be announced on a radio broadcast on February 15th.

✴️12 artists will compete in the grand final, 6 of which will be pre-selected candidates, while the other 6 will be selected from the semi-finals.

Stig Karlsen, head of the Eurovision Delegation to Norway said;

“MGP 2021 will be the most important ever. In this difficult time with few events to bring us together, we all need a music show like MGP now. Next year’s MGP will feature a fantastic collection of artists and songs. We look forward to saying goodbye to 2020, firing up the confetti cannons and kicking off 2021”

Important Dates!!

The direct finalists 6 artists and 4 singers who will compete in the first semi-final will be announced at a press conference to be held at NRK’s ​​headquarters on January 11.The remaining artists will be announced on NRK’s ​​website every Monday.

These dates;
✴️Monday, January 18th: The four artists competing in semi-final 2 on Saturday, January 23rd, will be announced.

✴️Monday, January 25th: The four artists competing in semi-final 3 on Saturday, January 30th, will be announced.

✴️Monday, February 1st: The four artists competing in semi-final 4 on Saturday, February 6th, , will be announced.

✴️Monday, February 8th: The four artists competing in semi-final 5 on Saturday, February 15th, will be announced.

✴️Sunday, February 16th: The artist who gets the Wild Card ticket for the Grand Final will be selected in a live broadcast on the radio and at NRK.no.

✴️Saturday, February 20th: The Grand Final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021!

When will the songs be announced?
The artists and their songs will be released on the Monday morning ahead of their respective semi-finals. The pre-qualified artists will release their songs the day before performing in a semi-final.

The audience will be able to vote online during the live broadcast.

Due to the problems faced at the last year’s voting, NRK, this year, will develop certain supplementary solutions in case of unexpected technical difficulties.

Source: Nrk.no

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