Most-watched winners since 2004 Top 16:December 2020

Hello Eurovision fans! Today we are with you with a new analysis series.

As you know, we completed December, 2 days ago. We wanted to write a new analysis article. And we thought, “Which Eurovision winners are watched the most each month since  2004?”

Because eurovision 2004 is the starting year of modern Eurovision.So ,for this we noted the winners’ YouTube views at the end of November.Until the end of December.And we examined who got how much views. The results are as follows.

And here are the most watched winners and number of views in December;

01)🇳🇱 Duncan Laurence ~Arcade~ =467.846 views
02)🇳🇴 Alexander Rybak ~Fairytale~ =347.336 views
03)🇫🇮 Lordi ~Hard Rock Hallelujah~ =282.249 views
04)🇸🇪 Loreen ~Euphoria~ =206.789 views
05)🇺🇦 Ruslana ~Wild Dances~ =205.489 views
06)🇬🇷 Helena Paparizou ~ My Number One~ =181.402 views
07)🇸🇪 Måns Zelmerlöw ~Heroes~ =165.220 views
08)🇮🇱 Netta ~Toy~ =137.715 views
09)🇷🇸 Marija Šerifović ~Molitva~ =127.910 views
10)🇩🇪 Lena ~Satellite~ =123.348 views
11)🇦🇹 Conchita Wurst ~Rise Like A Phoenix~ =108.308 views
12)🇩🇰 Emmelie de Forest ~ Only Teardrops~ =95.522 views
13)🇺🇦 Jamala ~1944~ =82.460 views
14)🇷🇺 Dima Bilan ~Believe~ =61.167 views
15)🇵🇹 Salvador Sobral ~Amar Pelos Dois~ =25.164 views
16)🇦🇿 Ell Nikki ~Running Scared~ =4.768 views

Soo,Duncan’s live performances😍💯🏆🥇🇳🇱

See you later on this article series in January, bye EscPrime family We love youu😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗

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