About last night: Lithuania and Norway 🇳🇴🇱🇹

Hello dear Eurovision fans. With last night, the 2021 National Finals period started.

There were 2 national finals last night. The first semi-finals were completed in Lithuania and Norway.Let’s look at the results if you want.

🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹 Lithuania
10 candidates competed in the national final held yesterday and the results were as follows;

Pabandom iš naujo: Heat 1 – full results (jury scores + televotes)
01.Voldemars Petersons – Never Fall for You Again: 18 (52 + 498)
02.Titas and Benas – No: 18 (41 + 984)
03.Martyna – Thank You Very Much: 17 (27 + 2063)
04.Milita – Shadows: 15 (49 + 448)
05.BE U – Love Yourself: 13 (30 + 780)
06.Black Spikes feat. Indrė Launikonytė – Don’t Tell Me: 12 (24 + 805)
07.Donata – The Way I Am: 10 (36 + 353)
08.Aldegunda – Sit Down: 7 (15 + 357)
09.Twosome – I Love My Bear: 4 (8 + 213)
10.Thomukas1 – Wish: 3 (8 + 108)

The best name of the night was Voldemars Petersson. Let’s look at its performance.

Candidates who completed the semi-final in the top 5 qualified to compete in the final.

🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴 Norway
In the semifinals yesterday, 4 names competed as a duel, the duels were as follows;

Duel 1: Stina Talling – Elevate (Q) v Beady Belle – Playing with Fire
Duel 2: Jorn – Faith Bloody Faith v Blåsemafian feat. – Let Loose (Q)

Golden Duel: Stina Talling – Elevate v Blåsemafian feat. Hazel – Let Loose (Q)

First Finalist Blåsemafian feat Hazel’s live performances

The Keiino sang the song “Monument” in the night.
Keiino’s live performances;


Tix was another artist who performed at night.
Tix’s live performances;


We also liked these 2 performances, but we think Tix’s performance is a little better.
In addition, Tix announced that he will sing his song in English on the final evening.

See you next news bye bye

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