Melfest scene has been announced! Here are the details !!!

Hello how are you Eurovision fans?

About 45 minutes ago, the melfest scene was announced.

Information about the scene is as follows;

The Melodifestivalen stage 2021 is, as usual, created with the ambition to be magnificent and to be able to offer many unique numbers. There is also a desire in those ambitions to create a scenography that differs from previous years solutions with a clear own expression.
The creator of this year’s stage, set designer Viktor Brattström, is hopeful.
– The fact that there won’t be an audience is a big difference that we have had to take into account. But it also offers, in these contexts, new opportunities.
One of the characteristics this year is the light rig above the artists has been lowered and a reflective roof has been created.
– This would normally have obscured the view of the audience, but now gives us an exciting mirror effect and a “clubier” light effect in the ceiling.
Another unique expression for this year is the length of the stage. This year, the stage surface is shaped like a catwalk, in the absence of an audience, it’s made possible to spread out. The narrow and deep stage creates opportunities to get closer to the artists from the floor.
The cameras will access along the entire depth and therefore it is possible to change the direction of the images and film across the catwalk.
– It gives us a very broad scene and creates new image solutions to say the least, says Brattström.
The narrow and deep stage is flanked by several rows of different light sources and reflecting surfaces in floors. It creates a stage space where the production can be varied and hopefully the audience is not missed too much. (In the screen.)
Far back on the stage there are three centered LED walls. They have a high resolution and are a very useful background where moving material will be displayed. The walls are separated in depth where different light effects may come to the fore.
The stage is made of several different materials. Floor surfaces are of laminate and glass. The roof (the black surfaces) is made of a kind of foiled cardboard to be as light as possible. There are also surfaces of sheet metal and construction of aluminum and steel.
There are 318 lamps, of which 283 are movable lamps.
The light rig weighs about 22 tons. The lamps hang in approx 600 meters aluminum truss. The light rig draws just under 400 Amps.

Stage width: 10.7 m
Scene depth: 20 m
Reflective black roof: approx. 140 m2
3 LED walls: 4x4m
LED floor: 20 m x 3.6 m
LED waist: 66 m
LED stripes in the ceiling & flanked floor: approx. 200 m



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