AWS lead singer Örs Siklósi passed away.

Rock band AWS represented Hungary at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.With the song “Viszlát Nyár”.

AWS upset its fans with the post it shared in the morning today.
According to the statement made, the band’s soloist Örs Siklósi (29 years old) passed away.😓😓😓😓

Aws group announced the death of Örs Siklósi with these words.

“To say the unspeakable, to write what no words can describe. This is what we need to do now. Last June Örs had been diagnosed with leukaemia and now we are deeply saddened to inform you that he passed away yesterday.

He wanted to open up about his illness last month, he had planned to release his first solo record this Spring and we were set to make the fifth AWS record and play shows again this Fall. During this period his bravery and dignity were exemplary.

His creativity, the depth of his lyrics and his presence on the stage will be greatly missed. Losing him is beyond our reach and he will leave a vast space not just in our lives but in the music scene.

Örs was the fire himself, warm hearted companion and friend, an inspiring person whom you could trust and always relay on. He was a true wonder.

We’re opening our arms and hearts to his family, his friends and everyone who ever felt touched even through his lyrics.

We were all very lucky to have had him in our lives and as much as Örs will be missed by us all, he will remain with us all, every day, as long as we can remember.”

As the EscPrime family, we would like to express our condolences to Örs Siklósi’s family and all of its lovers.

R.I.P. ÖRs😓💔🍂🍂🍂

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