Dansk Melody Grand Prix 2021: Getting to Know the Participants Part 1πŸ‡©πŸ‡°πŸ‡©πŸ‡°πŸ‡©πŸ‡°πŸ‡©πŸ‡°

Hello dear Eurovision fans. As you know, 8 names were announced to compete in DMGP,yesterday.
Theese names;
01)Fire& Flame– “Practice Each Other”
02)Emma Nicoline – StΓ₯r Lige Her
03)Claudia Campagnol – Abracadabra
04)Chief1 & Thomas Buttenschon – Hojt over skyerne
05)The Cosmic Twins – Silver Bullets
06)Hanna Olivia – Hvilelose Hjerter
07)Mike Tramp– Everything is alright
08)Jean Michel – Beautiful

We will introduce 2 of these 8 names every day.
Let’s get starttttt;

01)Fire&Flame -“Practice Each Other”

Fyr & Flamme has for many years dreamed of participating in the Danish Melody Grand Prix. The duo consists of Laurits Emanuel (left) and Jesper Groth.

You may already know them for hits like ‘Human Consumer’ and ‘Chameleon’.

Now the duo Fyr & Flamme are embarking on a true childhood dream when they go on stage with the song ‘Practice us on each other’ at this year’s Danish Melody Grand Prix.

The duo, which consists of musician Laurits Emanuel and singer and actor Jesper Groth, who has been Robert-nominated for his roles in the series ‘Sygeplejeskolen’ and ‘Klaphat’, crushes the traditional singing competition, which has also been a great source of inspiration for the group’s 80 ‘is-catchy sound.

The song takes place on a dance floor, where a man and a woman have to try themselves to see which steps work. That session can also be used as a picture of how we, for example, behave when we cure someone else, or how you sometimes have to correct in life a little down the road when things do not go as we had planned, Laurits explains Emanuel on the number ‘Practice us on each other’, which he himself has written.

02)Emma Nicoline – “StΓ₯r Lige Her”

When 24-year-old Emma Nicoline takes the stage on Saturday, March 6, it will be her very first TV appearance. The song that Emma Nicoline will sing is her debut single ‘StΓ₯r lig her’, which she herself has co-written.

The song is written for a friend who had problems but could not figure out how to accept Emma Nicoline’s offer of help.

– Sometimes the problems can become so all-consuming that you become blind to the people around you who want to help. With ‘Standing right here’ I try to say: “Hey, you are good enough as you are. Lower the parades, because I stand right here and I want to help you”, explains the young Aarhusian.

In addition to Emma Nicoline herself, the number is written by Jeppe Pilgaard, Jacob JΓΈrgensen, Adam Kalwa and Patricia Namakula Mbabazi.

Hear ‘Standing right here’ here:

We will introduce 2 artists tomorrow.

Our detailed comments about the songs will come after our artist promotion news.

Stay tuned :)πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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