Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021:Getting to Know the Participants Part 2🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

Hello dear Eurovision fans How are youuu?

Danish state channel DR announced 8 names that took part in the national finals recently.

Yesterday, we gave some information about the 2 participants in the national final. Today, we will continue with part 2 of this article series.

Yesterday, we wrote news about the following 2 participants, these names;
01)Fire& Flame– “Practice Each Other”
02)Emma Nicoline – Står Lige Her

Today, you will learn about the following 2 participants;
01)Claudia Campagnol – Abracadabra
02)Chief1 & Thomas Buttenschon – Hojt over skyerne

We will introduce 2 of these 8 names every day.
Let’s get starttttt Part 2;

01)Claudia Campagnol – “Abracadabra”

On the Danish jazz scene, singer Claudia Campagnol is already a recognized name, but now she is also making her entrance on the Grand Prix stage with the sensitive ballad ‘Abracadabra’.

According to the jazz talent, who was born in Hungary and grew up in Sweden, the number is about losing.

– The song is about the things and people you will always love, even when they are gone. It can be family and friends, but also a dream or passion one has had. Even if you have lost someone or something, you never stop loving. It’s a song about eternal love, says 34-year-old Claudia Campagnol.

The song is written by Louis Jarto, Melanie Wehbe and Emil Adler Lei. While Louis Jarto is making his debut in the Grand Prix context, Emil Adler Lei has won the Danish Melody Grand Prix for the past two years with ‘Yes’ and ‘Love is Forever’.

Melanie Wehbe also co-wrote ‘Love is Forever’, as well as being behind last year’s Swedish Grand Prix winner, ‘Move’ by The Mamas.

Listen to ‘Abracadabra’ here:

02)Chief1 & Thomas Buttenschon – Hojt over skyerne

This is the first time that Thomas Buttenschøn (left) participates in the Danish Melody Grand Prix, while Chief 1 has participated – and won – as a songwriter several times.

Sure, they already have success on their own, but Chief 1 and Thomas Buttenschøn have to that extent proved that they are explosive when they put the pieces together.

In the summer of 2019, the two musicians hit big together with the national anthem ‘Everything is good’, and now the partner couple continues the collaboration on their Grand Prix contribution ‘High above the clouds’.

– We want to remind people that they love each other. The song is a friendly reminder that people need to remember those they are close to and how much they really mean to them, says Thomas Buttenschøn, who will make his debut in the Grand Prix this year, about the song.

More Grand Prix experienced is Chief 1, who was born Lars Pedersen. He has previously won the competition three times: in 1997 with Kølig Kaj and ‘Stemmen i mit liv’, in 2012 with Soluna Samay and ‘Should’ve Known Better’ and most recently in 2015 with the group Anti Social Media and ‘The Way You Vein’.

‘High above the clouds’ is written by the duo themselves together with Nermin Harambasic.

Hear ‘High above the clouds’ here:

We will be with you tomorrow with 2 new artists in the DMGP 2021.

Stay tuned :)🤗🤗🤗

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