The Mamas interview with you !!

Hello, dear only Eurovision fans! As you know today, the last semi-final in the melfest will be held tonight.

We had an interview with The Mamas, one of the names that will compete tonight, just before the semi-finals and we wanted to share it.

Hope you read the interview with pleasure 🙂

-Can you tell us about yourself? How did The Mamas come together?

The Mamas:So The Mamas are individual artist in their own right. We came together as background singers for John Lundvik Mello 2019 and we’ve been in inseparable since. The mamas stand for love and we hope to spread that wherever we go. We believe that that is what life’s about and that’s why we were put together- to spread joy and love to the masses.

We saw The Mamas group for the first time at Melodifestivalen 2019 as vocalists of John Lundvik.

-Is there a conflict within the team? And moreover, how do you solve it?

The Mamas:So no matter what team your apart of, disagreements may come about however The Mamas have respect for each other and every human, apart of our team and even people that aren’t apart of our team. Integrity and respect are important to us. Some times we agree to disagree respectfully. But honestly, we’ve never had huge conflicts within our team. Trust also goes a long way, and ultimately we trust each other!

-Last year, you competed with Dotter and you were the winner. What would you like to say about it?

The Mamas:It was so much fun! And we really love Dotter and her song! We were so ready to be happy for her if she were the winner and even still, we’re proud of her. Her song and performance were so good! We are happy to win but really, we’re all winners when spreading joy through our gifts.

The Mamas took first place ahead of Dotter in melfest 2020 with only 1 point difference.

-What do you think of your competitors this year?
The Mamas:HEAVY HITTERS!!! We are super excited to hear and see what these artist are coming with!

-You vocalized for John Lundvik in 2019, what are the advantages this brings to you?

The Mamas:Of course this brings an advantage of experience. It also allows us the knowledge of what to expect when it was you comes to interviews!

-Can you tell us a little about your song?

The Mamas:In the middle is personal lyrically but also has a timeless meaning with a catchy melody.

-Who were your favorites among Eurovision songs last year?

The Mamas:Destiny from Malta, also, Iceland had a really fun song with a visual that was also so much fun!

-Lastly, there is a huge who love and support you, what would you like to say to them?

The Mamas:We can’t tell our supporters enough how much we love and appreciate them. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to continue doing what we love. They’ve instilled so much encouragement and light in us and we hope that we give them the same. We want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their consistency in loving on us, especially given the year we’ve all had!

The Mamas represented Sweden with the song “Move” last year.

As Escprime family, we wish The Mamas good luck at the 2021 Melfest.


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